My name is Ella Hotchkiss and I am currently studying to be an ESL teacher at Houghton College. In reality, I am a TESOL and Spanish double major, and  I wish to possibly be able to use both of my majors together by working with Spanish-speaking students who are learning English. Even if that does not end up happening, though, I would say that having learned a second language will be helpful for me in teaching students who are likely learning English as a second language (or third or fourth, etc.).

One of my goals is to become more confident as a teacher. I already love working with kids and seeing them finally grasp that concept that had been escaping them. However, I am not yet that confident in delivering a lesson. I hope to gain more confidence during my second practicum placement this semester. I would also like to learn how to better connect with all my students and love them for who they are. In terms of career goals, I would like to become a culturally relevant ESL teacher who works to connect with all my students. The following resources are helpful in starting to think about culturally relevant pedagogy.

 Culturally Relevant Pedagogy



9 thoughts on “Welcome to My Professional Blog

  1. It took me a little while, but I figured out how to write a comment on your post! I look forward to reading more from you this semester. : )


    1. Also, just as a follow-up question, I noticed you said “kids” in your blog. Does that mean you’d prefer to work with younger students, or are you thinking perhaps a secondary level placement? (Or are you not sure which you’d prefer, which would be totally okay!)


      1. I think I would potentially prefer to work with younger students, especially because I really love children’s books. 🙂 However, I have yet to work with older students, and may end up liking that age level too.


      1. I want to work really hard at getting to know my students and learning about them and their cultures. I think I would maybe share with my students (briefly) about my experiences learning my second language and hopefully inspire them to not get discouraged about learning English. I think we could maybe still connect over learning a second language, even if my students are not Spanish-speakers. I also want to prioritize valuing all my students for who they are, and connecting with them that way.


    1. I think I would maybe like to teach in a suburban context, although I would also be totally okay with staying in a rural context (however, I do realize there are not as many TESOL positions in rural contexts). I would prefer to not teach in an urban context, but if that’s where God leads me, so be it! 😉


  2. As I was looking at the graphic you included, I wondered…are there any of these piece that create tension with other pieces? If so, how will you mindfully address that tension in a way that support your ability to be a culturally relevant and most importantly responsive educator? It’s important that you remain attentive to these pieces throughout your growth as an emerging TESOL educator.


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